Rosh ha-Shana 5780 / Shana Tova!

To all our dear Jewish Friends

in Israel, Germany and all over the world!


Many things are changing in the world.

The uncertain future is seized by fear many areas of life.

More and more people are still living in abject poverty.

And hate and aggression, right-wing extremism and antisemitism are still destroying heads and hearts of thoughtless people all over the world. 

Also in our country!

Yes, I’m still very sorrowful.

But not hopeless!

We don’t want to give up.


Working for peace is and will be our purpose in life.

Especially for our living together with you, our Jewish Friends! As long as God will presents us life and health.


Very warm greetings and best wishes

for a peaceful New Year to 


Rosh ha-Shana 5780 ! 


We will stay side by side!


God bless and protect you!


Shana Tova ! 


On behalf of the board and all the members of the Friendship Association

"Freundeskreis Beer Sheva e. V." in Wuppertal;